AVG BreachGuard 1 PC, 1 Year, Global keya


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  • AVG BreachGuard activation License Keycode
  • Complete program of AVG BreachGuard in both 32/64 bit versions
  • Guides and instructions to activate your Product
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AVG BreachGuard is a software designed to protect users from data breaches and identity theft. It uses advanced technology to monitor and scan the dark web, where stolen personal information is often sold and traded. Here are some features of AVG BreachGuard:

  1. Dark Web Monitoring: AVG BreachGuard scans the dark web to detect if your personal information, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and login credentials, has been exposed in a data breach.
  2. Identity Protection: This feature helps users protect their identity by providing real-time alerts when their personal information is found on the dark web.
  3. Risk Scanning: AVG BreachGuard also scans your device for potential risks, including vulnerable software, weak passwords, and other security issues that could lead to data breaches.
  4. Password Management: With AVG BreachGuard, users can store and manage their passwords securely, and create unique and strong passwords for each account.
  5. Safe Browsing: The software includes a browser extension that warns users when they visit a potentially dangerous website.
  6. Data Breach Support: If a user becomes a victim of a data breach, AVG BreachGuard provides them with support and guidance on what to do next.

Overall, AVG BreachGuard is a comprehensive solution for protecting users from data breaches and identity theft.

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AVG BreachGuard 1 PC, 1 Year, Global keya