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How would you feel if someone could walk straight into your house and start helping themselves to your property, without you even noticing? If you’re giving away a hard drive or parting ways with your computer, you are opening the door to your private information and files. All the information on your hard drive is still there, easily accessible with simple tools, even after reformatting the drive. That’s why you need better protection!

DriveScrubber allows you to safely pass-on your hard drives, safe in the knowledge that your personal data is 100-percent gone, and your data completely destroyed. Best of all, DriveScrubber is quick and simple to use, and works with any PC, regardless of the drive’s format.

What is DriveScrubber, and how does it work?

DriveScrubber is a utility designed to securely wipe all data from any hard or floppy drive, regardless of its file format or operating system. Its purpose is to ensure the safety, privacy, and security of private, personal, confidential, or proprietary information.

Once a drive has been wiped with DriveScrubber, no attempts (regardless of their level of sophistication) will be able to recover any data that previously existed thereon.

Don’t get caught giving away more than you bargained for!

Have you ever given away an old computer, even if it was to an old, trusted friend? When you last upgraded, where did all the old computer parts go?

Have you ever sold, recycled, refurbished, or even discarded an old computer? If so, did you plan on giving away the data, files, and any other information contained on the hard drives? All your old files, including email, Internet histories, private customer information, corporate secrets, and more are recoverable with easy-to-use software freely available on the Internet.

Even if you didn’t intend to, chances are very good that you have given away a lot more personal information than you bargained for!

Have you ever been harassed by a virus that wouldn’t quit?

Has your computer ever been infected by a virus, and no matter what you did–even reformatting the system–the virus would not go away and kept coming back to wreak havoc on your PC?

The reason was that the virus was hiding in a part of your system that is inaccessible by the operating system and most anti-virus software. Even reformatting will not touch these areas, and the virus remains safe and healthy, ready to cause trouble again.

The only way to ensure 100-percent removal of a virus is to eliminate all data on the drive with DriveScrubber (something reformatting does not do), and start anew.

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iolo Drive Scrubber 5 Pcs | 1 Year