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Windows Server 2019 Standard


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Discover the most innovative features of Windows Server 2019 Standard

The Windows Server 2019 Standard operating system, it innovates at the rate of your work, enables your company to achieve immediate business benefits such as enhanced data analytics, lower costs, and much more security, as well as the ability to shift data and services to the cloud. The Standard Edition allows you to conduct hybrid operations in the Azure environment. Furthermore, you can inventory and transfer data from legacy systems, as well as security settings and other variables. Server 2019 Standard Edition has the ability to consolidate your company’s file sharing by syncing file servers with Azure. This approach, the flexibility and speed of a local file server are maintained, allowing applications operating on your local network to take advantage of cloud advances such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. In terms of virtualization, Windows Server 2019 Standard provides two OSEs (operating system environments) or VMs per license, as well as one Hyper-V host. Another distinguishing aspect is that the Standard version only supports two Hyper-V containers. Containers and microservices, for example, may be utilized to help you construct cloud-native apps and update legacy programs.This allows Linux and Windows containers to cooperate.

Azure hybrid capabilities

Extend your data center to Azure to maximize your investments and gain new hybrid technologies that will enable users to adapt old apps into cloud-ready solutions and assist developers in launching innovative applications utilizing containers, microservices, and the new Nano Server. Additionally, your datacenter will be able to manage an automated and robust operating system and will have access to a subset of the cloud-ready capabilities present in Microsoft Azure datacenters.

Azure hybrid capabilities

Superior multi-layered protection

Server 2019 Standard enhances security and reduces risk by safeguarding the data center, commencing with the operating system, with numerous levels of built-in protection. know that the new layers of protection integrated into the operating system will help you guard against security breaches, halt malicious attacks, and increase the security of your virtual machines, apps, and data. You might even improve the efficiency and security of your data center infrastructure.

Superior multi-layered protection

Cloud app development innovation

With Server 2019 Standard, Microsoft now enables you to develop native cloud apps and modernize old systems by leveraging containers and microservices. You can scale your Server architecture to benefit from greater efficiency and security.

Cloud app development innovation

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Windows Server 2019 Standard